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I wanted to share my journey so far, I’m still learning but its been an amazing couple of years and launching The Mortgage Stop.

After completing my degree at Leeds University I started a temping job at HSBC call centre just to figure what I wanted to do for my career. However, after several months of working at the bank, I began to see a whole new future in financial services. I could see myself working in this sector for the rest of my life.

New Beginnings

I had also met the love of my life and got married and moved to Southampton. A new city and a new life meant starting a new outlook on life and new opportunities for me to develop my career.

After securing a transfer to one of HSBC’s main offices in Southampton I entered the world of mortgages, life insurance and home insurance. I enjoyed learning about the numerous services available in the banking sector.

Mortgages are what got me really hooked. The skills to sell mortgages over the phone was a fantastic start to my career and help clients through some really stressful times. It was also a great way to make lovely new friends. We worked the same shifts meaning we got more time to bond and have brilliant laughs between the learning and gaining immense experience as a young financial advisor.

Making a Difference

I was so good at my job colleagues started to take note and soon I was saving them money on their mortgages, insurances etc… I felt like I had got the hang of this game and wanted to make it my profession.

After two years with HSBC in Southampton, I decided I wanted more and went to study hard and pass a variety of tests to become a face-to-face mortgage advisor. When I began, I was so terrified that the strain to succeed weighed heavily on me.

The challenge of working in a branch environment also gave me many more career skills along with making many more friends. It was time to move on after 14 years of banking there was a new world waiting for me to continue more mortgage deals.

Working in a branch had given me the opportunity to learn several more skills and make a lot more friends. After fourteen years at the bank, it was time for me to move on; there was so much more out there that I could assist customers with their mortgage requirements.

The Next Step

I began mortgage advising for another fantastic brand, The Post Office, which had teamed up with Bank of Ireland. It was yet another difficult yet gratifying position. It increased my understanding of mortgages and developed connections with clients. I learnt a great deal about dependability and staying persistent..

I felt the impact of redundancy after 5 years at The Post Office, but I am a great believer in everything happening for a reason. Another chance was calling on the other side of the door.

Going Whole of Market

I saw the potential in finance service and wanted to be a part of it, so I had a personal recommendation to work for a financial advice company on St. James Place. Becoming a whole-of-market adviser was an incredible chance to learn and gain experience in a setting that was considerably different from that at the Post Office and HSBC.

I learnt a lot about mortgages, from the beginning to the end of the process of advising customers on their financial requirements and desires. I developed an excellent capacity to perceive clients’ demands and match them with suitable mortgage options across a variety of possibilities. To provide equity release advice on a more complicated topic, I took further exams. My time working with the over-55s was fantastic, and equity release advice allowed me to get to know the clients and their families.

Continuing to Learn

My thirst for knowledge did not subside there. I was hungry to learn more about financial services, and I started and completed my Diploma in financial services in 18 months. For the next two years, I worked at St James Place, where I developed my knowledge considerably.

My career experience has been quite beneficial, and being able to pass it on to clients, friends, and family makes it all worthwhile. Knowing that I may give financial guidance so others can achieve their life goals in a secure manner is uplifting.

The Mortgage Stop is Born

It was time to get out on my own! I wanted to utilise all of my 20 years of mortgage knowledge and start my own firm. The Mortgage Stop was established.

To stay on top of the curve, I am constantly learning and involved in a variety of finance discussions. My clients are special to me, and knowing that they receive the greatest assistance allows me to sleep well at night.

This is my story, I hope it inspires others! Thank you to all that have taken to read this and thank you for your support…

You are now leaving the website of The Mortgage Stop Ltd and we cannot be held responsible for the content of this external website.
You are now leaving the website of The Mortgage Stop Ltd and we cannot be held responsible for the content of this external website.
You are now leaving the website of The Mortgage Stop Ltd and we cannot be held responsible for the content of this external website.